With its wide-slat pickets and traditional spade picket caps, the Cloverdale Vinyl Picket Fence adds a nostalgic touch to any home. Perfect for fencing in your yard or garden, this fence is made from durable vinyl that won’t flake or peel. More Info & Estimate
Our Cloverdale II Picket Fence is a great choice for homeowners who want the classic look of a picket fence, but with minimal maintenance. The swooping scalloped top gives this fence extra visual appeal, and the pre-cut pickets make installation a breeze. Our vinyl fencing won't chip, peel, or rot like traditional wood fencing can. So if you're looking for an attractive and low-maintenance fence solution, that won’t ever require painting, choose our Cloverdale II Picket Fence. More Info & Estimate
The Evergreen is our best-selling vinyl picket fence. A top choice with pickets that slide through the top rail and into the bottom rail. This style gives your fence a finished, polished look. A popular choice for homeowners looking to add some distinction to their property. More Info & Estimate
If you’re looking for a more traditional look, the Evergreen II Picket Fence is perfect! With its scalloped top and softer dog ear cap, this fence is sure to complement any home. More Info & Estimate
The Oakside Picket Fence is a great way to add style and charm to your yard. With fence boards mounted to the top and bottom rails, this fence is designed to look just like a traditional wooden picket fence - but without all the fuss. More Info & Estimate
The Oakside II Picket Fence is the perfect way to outline your property boundary without having to worry about maintenance. These fences are made from high-quality materials that never need painting, making them a great choice for any home. More Info & Estimate
The Elms Gate picket fence is the quintessential picket fence. With its wide-slat pickets and spade picket caps, it’s perfect for adding a touch of classic charm to your property. It’s made from high-quality materials that will last for years. More Info & Estimate
Looking for a traditional picket fence that will always look new? Our Elms Gate II style is perfect with all the characteristics of our Elms Gate complemented with a scalloped top. Add gothic post caps for a touch of elegance for your property. Our vinyl construction means it’s durable and weatherproof - perfect for Canadian elements. More Info & Estimate
The Birchwood Picket Fence is perfect for modern-style homes. You'll love the narrow-spaced 1.5” pickets, which resemble the look of ornamental fencing. More Info & Estimate
The Birchwood II picket fence is the perfect addition to any fencing project. With its narrow square pickets and pyramid picket caps, it adds a unique look that will be sure to impress your neighbours. With New England post caps, this fence is a great way to add some extra curb appeal to your home. More Info & Estimate
Looking for a beautiful and unique way to fence your property? This fence is made with all the standard features of our Birchwood series, including picket style and spacing, but has an added touch of elegance with a scallop fence top. Whether you're looking to add some extra curb appeal or want a fencing option that's just a little different from the rest, this fence is perfect for you! More Info & Estimate

The Last Fence You Will Ever Need

Looking for a vinyl fence that stands out from the crowd and survives the test of time?

Not all vinyl is created equal.

We’ve supplied and installed, all kinds of vinyl fences and know choosing a quality supplier, and sourcing the best products, and profiles for your application is essential for a fence that stands up to our harshest Canadian environments. Whether it’s for home improvement or a larger fence project – from vinyl fence panels, to post caps and picket fences – we’ve got the fence system you’re searching for.

Protect what is important to you – while improving aesthetics and property value. We provide privacy, security, and peace of mind with our premium, quality fencing products, and pride ourselves installing “like it was our own”, complemented with customer service that is second to none.

Fences That Don’t Fade

If you’re looking for the best quality vinyl fencing that money can buy, a Fence ‘N More fence is brighter, stronger, and more durable than other suppliers. As a proud distributor of Direct Fencing Supply vinyl products, the “Colour Lock” technology is an exclusive high-grade acrylic formula that outshines industry-standard “PVC Colour” available in all profiles.

The premium formula in our vinyl products keeps your fence bold, brilliant, and resilient. Don’t just take our word, our fencing materials are meant to last a lifetime. In addition to saving time on annual or seasonal maintenance, vinyl fencing becomes more environmentally friendly as it doesn’t require any painting, staining, or treatment.

Work with us to get the best-in-class luxury that lasts.

Bigger is Better

Fence ‘N More fences aren’t bigger and bolder without reason – they’re engineered this way.

The steel posts used for a Fence ‘N More vinyl installation are 2 ⅜” in diameter, compared to 1 ⅞” used by competitors as an industry standard. The larger posts mean that our fences support greater loads, and strain from their environment.

From posts to panels, a DFS vinyl product is engineered to easily install, and outlast.

The panels have a reinforced locking mechanism that holds better, maintains uniformity, and installs easier than other brands. Remain confident in your installation.

With more load-bearing capability, bolder profiles like the Boreal series leverage an additional mid-rail to negate potential bowing and sagging that is common for darker colours (Darker colours absorb more heat and therefore can warp over time. We use half panels with a mid-rail for added stability, complemented with i-beams in the bottom, mid, and top rails to prevent that issue so you can enjoy your dark colour for years to come).

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