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Image of Vinyl fence bowing and sagging

Is your fence laughing at you?


Why our premium vinyl fence sells itself…because not all PVC fence is the same!


  • Aluminum I-BEAM insert in the bottom rail for strength and durability (also available in mid and top rails). INSIST on this; otherwise, you will have a sagging fence over time and will not know the I-BEAM insert is missing, until it is too late.
  • Aluminum gate post insert is used under the gate sleeve to hang your gate.
  • Internal reinforcements for added stability and strength, Picket Lock System features hook and lock connecting method, rather than standard tongue and groove.
  • More internal ribs than competitor’s panel for added stability and strength.
  • Top Rail Ties (TRT’s) eliminates post failures at the routed holes from incorrect stressing and replaces rail notching and keeper screws. If TRT’s are not used, screwing into the rail only will compromise your rail so INSIST on TRT’s being used.
  • Post Levelling Collars (PLC’s) allows you to install your steel pipe without using concrete for a clean, damage-free installation, without the need of an auger or piece of equipment driving in. The PLC’s assist in leveling the sleeves for a perfectly straight fence. Made to withstand our Canadian climates.
  • Virgin, non-recycled vinyl is used because recycled polymers can cause the fence to break down, become brittle, yellow, and shorten the life of the fence.
  • Essential additives like UV inhibitors, impact modifiers and non-chalking titanium dioxide are used in our materials. These add to the cost of manufacturing; however, to provide a cheaper product, some manufacturers use less, or eliminate the use of additives all together, at unknowledgeable customers’ expense. You may save initially but will pay big time in the end when your vinyl fence deteriorates sooner rather than later.
  • Our supplier, Direct Fencing Supply is a Canadian company and has designed our products for Canada and its weather.
  • Our supplier is the first in the industry with the Colour Lock Technology and make it standard in ALL our colours for brighter, longer lasting materials.
  • Wood fencing will eventually rot, sag, and cost you money and time in upkeep every year or so, whereas our vinyl fencing is virtually maintenance free! Just give it a hose down to keep it looking new.
  • Customer service that is second to none! Our team is there for you, long after the sale, in fact, many customers have become friends after.

See for yourself why our quality vinyl fence is better than just “OK”.

If you are looking for a maintenance free, above standard quality vinyl fence with amazing customer service, contact us to discuss your preferred profile and colour. We will be happy to provide you with an Estimate, free of charge.

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