April Vinyl Fence – 2020 Spring Special

Boreal Dark Maple Vinyl Fence Installation with gate

First and foremost, we want to say THANK YOU to all the front-line workers and their families for the sacrifices they are making to help keep us all healthy, safe, and fed.

While we are all doing our duty and self-isolating, why not take advantage of this time to tackle something on your “Honey Do” list, or perhaps it is something that you have been thinking about getting done, but never seemed to have the time before.  Now is that time! Now is the time for your next DIY project! 

As I’ve said before, good fences make for good neighbours!  There are many reasons why one puts up a fence: safety, security, aesthetics, added property value, you get the point…so here are a couple of reasons why you should put up that fence now…because you have the time, and because you can do it yourself!  I’m sure you have other things you would like to do with the money you will save by doing it yourself.  We have added a video here of two seniors putting up a Heron profile vinyl fence from us at Fence ‘N More Supplies Ltd., it’s that easy! 

I could go on and on about why our supplies are premium, second to none, but our products speak for themselves.  Could you find a cheaper fence? Possibly, but you will not find a better-quality fence, inside and out, to outlast the competition!  The colour lock technology with our materials protects the colour and sheen of your fence and will outlast the industry-standard PVC colour competition.  Don’t settle for less with premature fading and chalking and avoid that inevitable warranty claim. Nor will you find our unwavering expertise and support to guide you along the way.

Right now, is the perfect time to get your fence project done.  We can offer you step by step guidance to ensure you construct a beautiful vinyl fence that you can be proud of for years to come.  Yup, you built that!   Do it once, do it right, the first time.

ADDED BONUS: Spring Special

For all orders confirmed, with a deposit, before the end of April, we will include a 4’ x 4’ Estate Garden Box to compliment your new vinyl fence so you can grow your own garden. Hmmm, Mother’s Day is coming up next month, hint, hint!

Connect with us.  Send us your sketch of your fence with measurements so we can provide you with an accurate Estimate. We will provide you with a step by step guide to install your fencing, with tips and tricks noted to make it go smoothly, when you receive your order.  What are you waiting for? Let’s get that project started!

Two seniors installing a HERON profile vinyl fence provided by FNMS

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