A Good Fence Makes Sense

Spring is in the air… well, depending upon the day. Just when we think we can get a post in the ground, it snows again, sigh. That old saying, “Good Fences Make Good Neighbours” is so true! Whether you need to fence critters in/out, electrify a paddock, rotate pastures, or define your border and increase your property value… having a good fence just makes sense.

Consider Your Needs

First think about your needs. Consider the purpose of your fence, so you can determine the type of fence you need. Is it going to be a permanent or temporary fence? What type of posts do you need? Sketch out a plan for your fence and be sure to mark your gate openings. What type of gates are you seeking and what purpose will they serve?  A tube gate may work for some livestock, but a mesh gate is required for smaller critters. Vinyl and electric fence come in a variety of size, style and colours, but what about the fence energizer? Do you have access to a plug-in, or do you need a battery or solar powered unit?  Perhaps a dual-purpose energizer that is both plug-in and battery powered best suits your needs. When selecting energizers, keep in mind any future applications. Is your grounding adequate or do you need an extra rod or two? Now that it is all planned out, let’s hope the weather improves.


If you have any questions about your next fencing project, give us a call and let our knowledgeable team assist you with your fencing needs.

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